[Love / Friendship]: What you mean to me – Metaphors of Love and Friendship (Part 2)

Tansania - Thomas Heun (2014)Tanzania – Photo: © Thomas Heun (2014)

(Continuation from Part 1 – hope that there is something for each and every one of you)



What you are to me …
  • You are my nimble sailboat that brings me quickly to my dream island.
  • You are my fine filter bag that cleans my soul of all that is rough and unhealthy.
  • You are my dependable weather station that gives me the correct prediction for my future.
  • You are my prettily decorated window sill that makes the outside world look much more appealing.
  • You are my well stocked spice cabinet that lends my life so much flavour.
  • You are my small and secret trash room in which I am allowed to deposit all my trash and filth.
  • You are my large umbrella that protects me from wind and weather and brings me home dry.
  • You are my shinning gold medal that reminds me of my small and large achievements in my life.
  • You are my wild rollercoaster that tips me over the top and turns me in the looping’s of my life.
  • You are my tasty multivitamin juice, that not only tastes fruity but also provides me with daily vitality.
  • You are my strong percussion drill with whose power I am able to break through even the thickest walls.
  • You are my soft tissue with which I wipe off my tears from a sad day.
  • You are my delicious chocolate cake that helps to sweeten my dreary day.
  • You are my secret letter in a bottle upon whose content I can look forward to for weeks.
  • You are my nightly antacid that takes away the stress of the day and lets me relax.

And lots of fun using, sharing and gifting them. Feel free to make use of them. Further inspiration you will find here: Love / Friendship!

© Encourager68 (2014)

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