[Love / Friendship]: What you mean to me – Metaphors of Love and Friendship (Part 1)

Tansania - Thomas Heun (2014)Photo: © Thomas Heun (2014) – with heartfelt thanks!

You are a cool breeze that lets me breathe and refreshes me.”

This wonderful phrase was written to me, not too long ago, by a good friend. The imaginative comparison did not only make me feel good, it also inspired me. There are many more impressive descriptions, comparisons, images and metaphors for what we call friendship or love. I sat myself down and let my imagination run wild. The following “Metaphors of Love and Friendship” is the result (Note: metaphors include, among others, short, pictorial comparisons):

What you mean to me …
  • You are my sunny holiday paradise where I forget everything and let myself go (see the above photo).
  • You are my cuddly woollen blanket that warms and protects me.
  • You are my stormy tornado that whirls me wild and happily through the air.
  • You are my sweet stuffed toy on which, during the night, I can always depend.
  • You are my bristly backscratcher with which I can wonderfully rub myself.
  • You are my blue swimming pool into which I can dive and cool myself down.
  • You are my prickly cactus that pricks me here and there but sprouts the most beautiful flowers.
  • You are my shining full moon that lights up to bring me safely home.
  • You are my hidden radar gun that stops me when I sprint through life too quickly.
  • You are my hot sip of coffee that makes me sprightly when I am tired and am at the end.
  • You are my pretty calendar that orders my life and time and again holds it together.
  • You are my small thermometer that knows exactly when I am ill and need good care.
  • You are my colourful fountain pen that everyday writes new words of friendship in my book of life.
  • You are my large pocket dictionary that answers all my questions when I know no more.
  • You are my faithful compass that shows me the direction when I lose my orientation.
  • You are my lively smartphone – my helpful connection to the outside world.
  • You are my steaming jogging shoes that keep me on my toes and always bring me to fresh air.
What can you do with these love or friendship metaphors? You can …
  • 1. … print them out and pin them on your pin board.
  • 2. … place them on the desk or night stand of your partner as a token of your love.
  • 3. … write them on a postcard – and send them out to your lover.
  • 4. … write it on a post-it and stick it on the mirror in your bathroom.
  • 5. … write it on a post-it and stick it on the arm rest in your car.
  • 6. … copy it onto a pretty and appropriate photo of yourselves and create a wonderful postcard.
  • 7. … learn them by heart so that you have them at hand for a special moment.

Have fun with it – and show your loved ones again and again, so very practically, what they mean to you! (To be continued)

More about „Love & Friendship“ you will find here.

PS. Thomas, much thanks for allowing me to use your wonderful holiday photo for this post! And: Happy birthday and all the best for the upcoming year.

© Encourager68 (2014)

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